Who makes this toy dog?
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Please help me identify this toy dog. Who makes it? Where can I get another?

Lil' Ricketts has latched onto it as part of his sleepy time routine. We want to have a backup or two in case / for when he destroys it....but it was a gift and we don't know who made it! We got it last year. Please help a dad out!
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No direct help, but I have been in your situation before and suggest a Google images search. I found a exact replacement for a monkey my son had lost just by plugging in just about every description of the toy I could think of. eg. dog "brown patch" etc..
Brute force maybe, but better than "When's doggy coming home from holidays?" x 40000000
Best of luck.
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Odd now the links don't work for me. I saved the first image to run through TinEye (not the second) and have posted it to yfrog.
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Where are you located? Have you considered searching local toy shops?
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Mod note: OP, your image links are pointing to Evernote which seems to not make them available to everyone, if you could find another way to link your images in another comment, it would be helpful.
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Is lil ricketts a kid or a dog?
Is this a dog toy? or a toy for a kid?

Is there a tag on it all?
I'm guessing not...
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses so far!

The dog is a baby toy (I should have made that clear...sorry! Silly first time parent thinking everyone would know that you have a kid just because....).

We live in Chicago, but the person who gave it to us as a gift is from a north suburb of Detroit. It is possible she got it at Costco since she shops there a *crazy* amount, but I looked through their website and didn't see it. There isn't a tag because my wife has a murderous rage against all tags (shirts, pillows, toys, etc) so they don't live long here.

Sadly it *hadn't* occurred to me to ask at local stores. Internet is the source of all info to me apparently.

Thanks for pointing out that the Evernote "public" didn't work. Here is The Dog in picassa.
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Can you just ask the friend who gave you the gift where she got it and then call the store?
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Size? Soft stuffed or bean bag?
It looks like there are no eyes. Are there?
Any color on the bottoms of the feet?
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Response by poster: Alygator: We have asked her where she got the toy and she's not sure. She, of course, said "I think I got it from Costco" but that's her answer for everything so I'd take it with a grain of salt. :-D

SLC Mom: It is about a foot tall and soft stuffed. The head is floppy on the neck. The fur is very soft plush, rather long. It does have eyes, but are just small cloth (felt) eyes. I don't have it in front of me right now (at work!) so i can't remember the feet.
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Response by poster: (oh and thanks for re-saving the image msbutah)
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