Bust out your Stevie Wonder trivia, I am in need!
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Please help me figure out this Stevie Wonder riff off the Innervisions classic, Misttra Know It All

This is what the internet is for!

15 odd years when I was really in a Stevie Wonder phase, I was always mystified by a little vocal riff that he does starting at 4:23 in this song. As the song is fading on the repeated chorus, he ad-libs in something that sounds like, "Take the phone off, hey! You talk to much you worry me to death". I swear I have heard that somewhere before. Like many things, I grew out of my Stevie phase (never stopped the love), and I forgot about this mystery...until today. Green, please help me! Where else have I heard someone say/sing, pretty much the same thing?
If you can enlighten me, I will be forever grateful!
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http://oldschoolmusiclover.com/2007/09/26/you-talk-too-much-as-performed-by-joe-jones-1960/ ?
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Innervisions is my favorite album so you inspired me to look around - there's a song written by Reginald Hall and performed by Joe Jones called "You Talk Too Much" from 1960 which I guess was a pretty big hit.

"You talk too much you worry me to death, you talk too much, you worry my pet...."

Listen here
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Response by poster: Wow, great research jangie and tristeza! Problem is, I don't think I have ever heard that song before... For some reason, I always had someone like Ella Fitzgerald in my head as the original singer of said lyrics, but that might just be a red herring.
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Response by poster: I guess I was hoping that someone here would know Mr. Wonder themselves, call him up and just ask him. Doesn't that happen sometimes?
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