Admissions consultant?
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I'm looking for a college admissions consultant that can guide me through the college transfer process.

Long story short, I'm a college student who will be applying for transfer next year. I can't stand to stay at my current school any longer, I have to transfer out! Failure is not an option!

If anyone has worked with an admissions consultant that they can recommend I would be very grateful. Bonus point if they specialize or have experience working with transfer students. I'm in NYC if it matters but I know most people will conduct their sessions over the phone.

Throwaway email for this question:
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My wife is a college transfer admissions officer, I'm sure she would be happy to chat with you over the phone for free. Memail me if you want to set that up.
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I know a number of folks who transferred in and out of colleges but they didn't need consultants. Is there something specific about your situation that requires a consultant's services?
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I don't see the need for a third party here as well. The admissions department of any school you talk to will help you with this process. Many will bend over backwards to help, as long as you put forth some effort and attempt to get them the information they ask for. If they have bad attitudes, either ask to speak to a dean or director of admissions, or don't deal with that school again.
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Transfers are not terribly uncommon. The worst of what I've seen, from fellow classmates, is you lose some credits for classes that don't transfer.

I could see wanting some help if you're looking for help selecting a school that would honor most of your credits, or if you're looking to avoid a certain circumstance with how the school treated you. I don't mean to make light of your concerns, but if it's just to get away to anywhere else, I think you might be making this into a bigger issue than it is.
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I looked for a consultant when I applied to transfer and couldn't find one that had enough experience with transfer admissions to justify the cost. I ended up just reading a lot of college admissions advice books. I also used an essay editing service, which was very helpful.

I transferred successfully and I wound up serving on my college's admissions committee, so I feel like I have a pretty good sense of how the process works... you can MeFi mail me if you have specific questions.

One issue: transfer applications for fall admission at a lot of selective schools were due a few months ago. (Applications for spring admission are usually due around November... but be aware that not all schools accept spring transfers, or only accept them when space is available.)
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