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I love the way FireFox automatically shows the little orange button to indicate that an RSS feed is available from a web page I visit. Is there anything comparable for Internet Explorer? An alert or something that automatically displays? I use Bloglines Toolkit but what I want is a visual alert.
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Agreed. Please don't use IE. Think of the children!

That said, assuming you're using it because you're forced to by some outside force, I don't know of anything, but it's possible the IE add-ons (forget the names, but there's a bunch out there, they essentially Firefox-ize IE by giving it tabs and other features) support that feature.
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Friends don't let friends us IE.

The Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) version of Safari does something similar. A little RSS icon will show up in the address bar to indicate a feed is available. Click on it an it will be displayed.
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Nice deletion there, moderator. You'll note the other two answers basically say the same thing. There is little reason for anyone to use MSIE these days, especially as it is one of the biggest security holes one can evacuate on a Windows machine.

Answering this question without addressing the horrible problem that is MSIE is like telling someone with a headache to take aspirin, without also informing them of the headcrab that's sucking out their brain.
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RSS Explorer is one such add-on.

Yahoo! Toolbar also supports it, but for My Yahoo, not Bloglines.

Something called Pluck also seems to have related features, but I think you need to sign up with Pluck.

Or you could just wait another six months -- it looks like M$ will be going RSS in a big way, now that Firefox has shown the way.
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