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I want polo shirts! But I'm slim with a long torso, so if I get one that's long enough it looks like a sack -- but if I get one that's fitted enough, the world gets a free show every time I raise my arms. Help me find nice long, slim polo shirts for spring, please. Bonus if in NYC.
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Duluth has a good line of "extra long" shirts, though the closest they have is probably the Henley.
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Response by poster: I appreciate it, but I'm good on regular tee shirts. Polo shirts!
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Hmm, maybe Original Penguin? I know they do slim fits, though not sure on the length, but I've seen slim, longer dude torso-ish friends wear those before. (they are also pricey =(, but it looks like they are doing a St. Patrick's Day sale online, so maybe try them on at the story then RUN to the computer??)
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American Apparel? Their cuts tend to be lean and long.
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Oh, and duh...totally go to Top Man. My brother's not tall, but he's got that typical young skinny guy with shoulders and long waist but short chicken legs thing going on (he's built like a human Corgi or something) and that store's been the easiest for him to shop at)
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Hermitosis - Duluth has long tail polo shirts too.
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Being tall and fat, I can't personally vouch for the slimness, but Colossal Clothing does just tall along with their big and tall offerings
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The Canvas offshoot of Lands' End has some for $9 right now and the reviews sound like it would meet your criteria.
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I'm built like you and I can vouch for Duluth's polos. They're made extremely well, I suspect mine will outlive me.
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Response by poster: The Duluth ones also don't come in Small, and I can't wear a Medium without trying it on first to make sure it's not a sack.

I will keep picking through these others. Thanks, people!
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ralph lauren actually does slim cuts now - but i'm wee, so can't vouch for how long they are. alternatively, take them to a tailor (just your local dry cleaner will usually suffice). that way they fit you perfectly - people often overlook this option. it's not terribly expensive and you get the clothes you want without settling because of fit.
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Nau is cut slim and long, but it's not inexpensive. However, they will last forever and look sharp doing it.
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Another vote from Original Penguin for me. The Heritage Slim Fit polos are a great choice for a slender, long-torso'd guy. They look and feel great, and hold up well - I'd say they're worth the price.

And if you get in on that online sale, you can probably return them for a refund anyway if they don't fit properly, right?
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Uniqlo has nice polos. Their store in soho is huge.
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Check out your local JC Penny's store, and go to the Big-n-Tall department. They will have a wide array of sizes you can try on, their sizing doesn't conflate Tall with Big (meaning you can find long torso slim fitting shirts), and they have decent prices.

There are probably other sources for Big-n-Tall clothing in your area, but that's one that's pretty universally available.
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There was an Indian tailor linked on metafilter that offered custom polos. This was the only one I could find through the googles.
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J. Crew has both slim and tall polos, but not slim-and-tall in one shirt. Looks like slim only comes in jersey (e.g. like a t-shirt) material, while you can get tall in repp piqué (classic polo), jersey, and slub (nicer textured jersey). Depending on how broad your shoulders are, you may be better off going smaller/tall (smaller shoulders) or bigger/slim (bigger shoulders).
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I'm also tall and slim, and have always hated polos for the very reasons you mention. But I was ecstatic when I discovered last year that Dickies polos fit perfectly! There are only a few (decent) colors available, but I've now purchased several of each.

(The ones on their website all have visible tags, which is why I'm not linking -- I got mine at American Worker (which doesn't have them on THEIR website) and there are no visible tags.)
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nth Penguin
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I also suffer from "Tall Skinny Guy" syndrome when it comes to clothing. I've found that the clothes Ben Sherman makes fit me very well. They also make an entire range of polo type shirts that come in many colors, with different stripes, collars and patterns. They aren't cheap, but I've owned some as long as 5 years, and they hold up very well, and since it's a classic item of clothing they don't ever go out of style.

There is a Ben Sherman Store on Spring Street in Manhattan. I have also had good luck getting Ben Sherman shirts at Century 21, for much lower prices.
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A few years ago, I inherited a trash bag full of Lacoste and other similar brand polo shirts from an elderly gay choreographer here in nyc.

They were all from 1970 or earlier and they fit perfectly, and I also have a long torso. I compared them with two more recently purchased Lacoste polos I had and the cut was completely different, the old polos were thin and long, the new ones looked just like squares with collars. Ruling out a time machine, seeking out these sorts of vintage polos might be the answer. I would offer up mine, but I donated all of them to housingworks last fall. But there must be other elderly gay choreographers out there with trash bags of polos just waiting to be discovered.
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