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Our Nvidia 6600GT claims to be sending a 60hz signal to the television, but the TV won't budge from 50hz.

The TV is a UK Sony 21 inch, about fifteen years old, and the PC is connected via s-video through the front AV sockets. We've had other 60hz-capable sources (games consoles, DVD players) hooked up to the TV through every socket it's got and using every signal type it accepts (composite, s-video, RGB), and the TV behaves for every single one, happily switching to 60hz without a hitch every time. Is there any way to get the Nvidia card to send a "switch to 60hz now!" signal, or are we doomed to see everything all squashed and frame-skippy?

The TV has no way to manually switch it into NTSC/60hz mode that I know of, and we've tried both a different card (Geforce FX5200) and telly (a Goodmans model of similar vintage) without success.
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Not what you're asking for, but can you tell the nvidia card to put out a PAL (50Hz) signal?
posted by knave at 8:48 AM on April 28, 2005

It only goes down to 60hz on the options list; I'm not sure that it can get down as far as 50hz on its DVI or s-video outputs.
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