need uv protective sunglass without lense deviders
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I have been searching for sunglasses that do not have separate lenses. I have a lazy eye and a bulky nose piece or any kind of separation that blocks my peripheral vision, ( is it still "peripheral"l if it is the vision from the side of the eye toward the nose?) screws up my depth perception and gives me headaches, not to mention causing me to trip. What I need is a strip of lens material that wraps seamlessly across both eyes. I have looked at bikers glasses but they all undulate at the nose which causes a visual obstruction. They need to provide protection from uv, uvb exposure, it would be nice also to have halfway decent optics.
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I guess the fit for everyone is different, but the Julbo Sherpa , though they have two lenses, doesn't obstruct my vision noseward at all and has unusually good visual field to the outside as well.
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While not everyone's cup of tea, Oakley makes a couple: the Zero and the somewhat dated M Frame. They claim both have "XYZ Optics" for an undistorted view across the entire lens.
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A cheaper solution than the two previously mentioned brands is Wiley-X.

I've had good luck with mine. Very tough and durable. Styled the same as the Oakley M Frames.

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They used to call single lens sunglasses "girl watcher shades". Might help you with searches and inquiries (if you don't find the term too embarrassing to use).
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There's a bunch of cheapies here, which was the first result from this search.
I somehow think you'll find many more examples if you stick to 'blind' or 'vision impaired' (+single lens +sunglasses) or similar in your searches.

I think yes, the vision angled to the far side across your nose is peripheral vision.

on prev: PST....heh -- I thought that's what all mirror sunglasses were for.
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I've worn Oakley's for years - very comfortable and great wraparounds. But I do use them only for casual wear.
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I wear safety glasses almost all day, and the ones that I have found to be the most comfortable and clearest are inexpensive Smith & Wessons. (As much as I dislike buying from a gun manufacturer.) The clarity is VERY good, and distortion is minimal. And they've saved me from losing an eye to flying metal more than once.
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Porsche Design has always offered a couple varieties of one-piece shades. You might find some on eBay.
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