Any chance of getting metadata for streaming media to display on PS3?
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Is there any way to get metadata to show up when using the PS3 as a streaming media player?

I am streaming media (movies, tv shows) from a hard drive attached to my airport extreme, through my macbook, onto my ps3 (currently using majestic, but i've also used ps3mediaserver as the streaming software). It is working fine as a bare bones solution, but I am wondering if there is anyway to get metadata (scraped from the internet) to display on the ps3, a la plex or xmbc?

More importantly, I want to do this without buying any additional hardware, as it's more of a 'nice to have' than a 'need'.

Is this doable or is this a limitation of the PS3 software?
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Are you talking about seeing the metadata from the streaming file, or playing a streaming file without metadata and having the PS3 retrieve it? I don't think the latter is possible except with CDs in the PS3's music player. Otherwise, the Select button should bring up the appropriate information.
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Response by poster: The latter. I see these great services like plex that can scrape all this info off the web and then display it, but it's in no way worth me purchasing a mac mini to plug into my tv to accomplish it.
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It won't help with the rest of the metadata, but I believe a .jpg with the same name as your movie file will show up as its thumbnail.
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