how do i calculate acum in a noisy environment
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how do i calculate acoustic acum from measured pressure vs frequency data.

i have measured sound level using a frequency analyser, and therefore got pressure vs frequency over my desired range. i can calculate dB or sone from the data. however i also need to be able to calculate acum. the definition i have been given is "value of 1 acum is attributed to a narrow band noise at 1 kHz with a bandwidth smaller than 150 Hz and a level of 60dB". specifically i am being asked to demonstrate the difference between machine on and machine off in acum for an industrial application. if i buy the software to do that it costs tens of thousands of dollars, so if i can calc/approx from the pressure vs frequency data, thats what i would like to to. any advice would be appreciated.
As a side question, i am calcing the sone difference between the two sounds by subtracting the pressure directly, then calculate the resultant sone difference. is that relevant?
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