How to like what I'm doing or do something different?
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What can I do during my free time in Philly, that you have done yourself or a friend raved about, that will help me get more insight into possible careers? I'm trying to get out of a rut (of "I don't know what to do with my life and I hate what I'm doing") by trying new things that involve other people.

They have to be either low-commitment or somewhat flexible in how much time I put in each week. I would probably be able to spare one or two hours a week, most weeks, and up to ten hours every couple of months. (But even if it's pretty time-intensive, please let me know about it.)

I've done a lot of googling, but it's a big city. My first thought was volunteering that involved coordinating, mentoring, mediating, and/or tutoring (math, science, reading, writing). I'm also curious about anything involving politics (democrat/independent/liberal/progressive). Please let me know about any specific experiences.

I'm also wondering about anything really cool that I'd have never thought to google for, outside of politics and one-on-one volunteering.

I'm pretty good with computers*, people, multiple conflicting perspectives, details, collaboration, and stuff that takes a long time to complete. (I don't like fixed-in-stone deadlines, pressure, and long hours, but who does?)

*I can create crappy webpages and I'm a very experienced programmer.

It would be wonderful to be on some sort of team doing something meaningful that could somehow have an influence on my career.

(Steps already taken: I've created a couple meetup groups that have been meeting for weeks now, and they're pretty gratifying, but they're not creating leads and sparking ideas to the extent that I'd like.)
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Have you considered a Maker group? I know a few people involved with the Hive 76 maker space. They are all highly intelligent and creative people.

About Hive 76

If that one doesn't suit you but the idea does, Philly has a thriving Maker community.
The Hacktory

I know that Hive and probably the others, have done projects with other groups in the City. Hive79 made a life sized, fully functional Operation game for The Franklin Institute. It was pretty neat.
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I'm not sure this will point the direction to a new career, but there are short-term volunteer opportunities with the Philadelphia Science Festival taking place in a month. I'm helping out at the Science Carnival.
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