What's a good alternative to the Readabiliity browser add-on?
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What's a good alternative to the Readability browser add-on?

I used to love the Readability browser add-on. It functioned as a bookmarklet that would convert any web page into an easily readable, black-serif-text-on-white-background version.

Recently, a new version of Readability came out. It's functionally similar—but, annoyingly, the new version rewrites the page's URL to something like readability.com/article/[...]. This makes it impossible to bookmark and annotate the page with tools like Diigo and Delicious.

Does anybody know of an alternative that will render a readable page without damaging the URL?
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Read It Later works well for this.
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Best answer: A bunch of people have hacked a workable version of the old bookmarklet.
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what browser and platform? Safari has "Reader", which is similar built in. If you have (or can install) Safari, it has that functionality in a button marked "Reader" in the address bar.
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mad_carew, for what it's worth, I'm in the situation as morningj, I use firefox and linux (I believe readability is cross-platform)
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This site lets you specify the CSS yourself. Whatnotever posted a good template for it in the original Readability thread.
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You didn't mention what browser you use, but iReader does this for Chrome.
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Something else you might want to try is StyleBot, a Chrome extension that lets you create custom CSS in-browser or modify elements like font style, background color, etc. It's not quite a one-click solution like Readability, but it's perfect for websites that you visit frequently that you want to clean up.
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