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We are using Xdrive as the hosted storage/collaboration provider for our workgroup, but performance and access is inconsistent enough to warrant complaints. Does anyone have any experience with using another solution for a similar purpose?

Some extra info:
- we need it hosted somewhere
- the storage should be backed up on a nightly basis
- access should be available for multiple users/usernames (starting with, say, around 50 but with room to grow)
- storage space should be at least 10GB total
- optimally, private storage space per user (with a limit on private storage capacity) as well as access to shared areas
- easy upload/download with nice and pretty interface would be nice too
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Response by poster: Let's say around $4k annually, give or take, but that may be somewhat flexible.
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Best answer: Apple iDisk (Needs XP or mac)
textDrive offers webDAV access
iBackup iDrive
You should also consider coLocating, or using a Hosted server with webDAV enabled.
Or, use webDrive with bog standard FTP space
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