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Good search engines/aggregator for jobs in Biotech/Pharmaceuticals - do any exist?

I got my first job in 2000 straight out of undergrad (molecular biology/biochemistry/philosophy) through bcbiotech.ca (it had been defunct the last time I checked, but I guess there's lifesciencesbc.ca now) but ended up getting a MSc (laboratory immunology) and now finishing up a PhD (molecular neuroscience).

A PhD followed by academic post-doc(s) route to being hired as a PI at an R1 university is what I grew up being told is what I want to do, but bugger that for a game of soldiers in this economic and political climate.

Are there any good national/international aggregators for job postings in biotech or pharmaceutical companies? Is a linkedin profile worth posting?

For what its worth, I'm an excellent molecular biologist, competent biochemist. I've worked with primary human peripheral blood mononuclear cell culture, primary rodent cortical and hippocampal cell culture. FACS, quantitative PCR. Fluorescent immunocytochemical imaging, live imaging. Radionuclides, lentivirus. Library creation from environmental samples, rodent brain tissue, and library screening manual and automated. Some rodent husbandry/surgery/dissection but I dislike it partially due to a mild allergic sensitivity. A co-authorship on an industrial paper, a couple of co-authorships and a first-author in immunology, a couple of co-authorships and (solidly looking to be) three first-authors in neuroscience. None of them super-high impact but reasonable in the 3-8 range.

Bonus question; I might consider an academic postdoc to learn electrophysiology and get a couple of co-authorships and a first-author to demonstrate my proficiency with that skillset - would electrophysiology make me that much more employable in pharma, as some people have told me?
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MassBio.org is supposed to be good for careers in New England; I don't know about nation/international.
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I cannot think of of many pharmaceutical specific site. I work on a major corporations' website and from examining the traffic results and numbers to the careers area, I recommend trying any of the big general aggregators such as indeed.com and flipdog.com.

Also LinkedIn/Twitter/FaceBook is becoming the place to go for recruiters to post jobs, cheaper and have better success than external paid job boards. Find a company you really like and follow their recruiter, Twitter feed and LinkedIn page.
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