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Emacs n00b question concerning text wrapping in markdown-mode.

I've started using markdown-mode in Emacs and have discovered that I love it for taking notes in meetings, especially given that I can later export those notes to PDF using MultiMarkdown if one of my coworkers wants a copy -- or not, as the syntax is highly readable on its own.

My only problem is with wrapping text. I have visual-line-mode turned on, and when text wraps at the end of the line, it wraps back to the very beginning of the next line in all cases, even if the previous line is indented or has a markdown marker at the beginning (#, *, etc). This makes lists, particularly indented ones, look less readable. I'd like to correct this and make it indent to the first position of content on the previous line -- just for display only, I know that hard-indenting the lines in the text file would probably mess up rendering. Is there a magic Emacs variable or mode I can employ to accomplish this?

(Yes, I know about org-mode and love it to death, but I like the look of MD's syntax better and I find it more readable. I also like being able to export to HTML and PDF through MMD.)
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Response by poster: Well, never mind. Beat you guys again. I win!

It's srb-adaptive-wrap-mode (scroll down to the bottom for the code). Works great so far.
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