Is Shanghai in danger from Japanese fallout?
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I'm currently in Shanghai, is the Japanese fallout a threat?

-Where can I find a reliable up to date information regarding the fallout?
-Am I in any danger?
-What steps can I take to be safe?

Pardon the multiple questions on this AskMefi, but want to cover my bases.
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Best answer: Based on this, I think you're fine.
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Best answer: This Something Awful thread is actually the most well-researched information I've seen so far. There are translations of posts from Japanese news sources, critiques from people who work at nuclear plants, links to primary sources.

And the short answer is no, since there is no fallout as of the time of this posting.
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Best answer: Seoul, where I am, is close to 800 miles from Sendai. That's like from New York to Atlanta. Shanghai is closer to 1300 miles from Sendai, which is like New York to Lincoln, Nebraska. Also, the wind is blowing away from you. You've got plenty enough to worry about with the air quality in China, don't sweat the Japanese air.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the peace of mind (the horrible Shanghai air quality nonwisthanding)
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