Emergency Japanese water bags?
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Japanese emergency water bags as seen here: does anybody know where I could get something pretty similar and/or what exactly they are called?

All the google searches I've done turn up kind of similar items (like a 1 handled bag on Amazon) but what interests me most about these particular bags are their capacity for storing large numbers of them as they could be stored flat, and yet still have a decent handle for carrying water. Thanks!
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Just so you know, the link doesn't go to the image you intended. I think you mean the last photo on the second "page" of images, is that right?
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Better link here (I think).
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Response by poster: Aw nuts, I meant to check that, thanks pompomtom!
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I don't know about those particular bags, but Platypus makes bottles and water bladders that are lightweight and fold flat for camping (such as this "water tank"). They might be kind of expensive for your purposes if you want to stockpile them in the hundreds or thousands.
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We use similar pouches hiking. Check out the water tank at http://cascadedesigns.com/platypus/filtration-and-storage/category. They have filtration and smaller pouches if you look around the site. You can buy these at REI, along with other, similar products
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MSR also makes DROMEDARY bags which are efficient for water storage and collapse easily.
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