Should I buy a new Droid X at retail price after losing it in a taxi?
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Lost my Droid X in a taxi. Should I simply buy a new one at retail price? What would you do?

I lost my Droid X in a taxi on Saturday early morning. Called the only two yellow taxi cab companies in the area and they said they have not found it. Called on Saturday, Sunday, and today. I just got this phone 3 months ago with a new service agreement. If I were to replace this phone it would cost a whopping $560 dollars. I am very attached to this phone and am not only heart broken that I lost it; but struggling on what should I do? Should I simply but a new Droid X and learn my lesson? Has anyone else dealt with this issue?? I have lost all hope of finding or retrieving my phone back... since it's now day three.
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Try buying a used one online?
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I'd suggest texting it, first with an appeal to humanity, and then with an offer of a reward. Since a new one would cost you so much, whoever has recovered it might get more from you than selling it.
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Knowing someone who left a brand new apple laptop in a cab in a 3rd world country rife with crime and corruption, and having the owner of the cab drive over and return it as soon as he could after we called it in (he didn't notice it was there until he picked his kids up from school and they found the bag in the back seat) - I'd say if it can happen here, it can happen there. Call the cab company.
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Try the Plan B App... you can download it after you lose your phone.
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Response by poster: @General Malaise. Suspended the phone's activity once I found out it was gone and battery was dying.

@useyourmachinegun - buying online such as ebay is not an option for me. Only if I know the website is certified and these are sold through Verizon.

@TravelinglingDen - thanks for the optimistic hope but I figure that if by day three the cab driver hasn't cleaned out his car and quickly returned this or some passenger may have picked it up.

I guess it's time to pony up for a new or different phone...
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I lost my fairly new Droid X a few weeks ago too, so I feel your pain! I called Verizon and they said they would deactivate the phone and that if anyone brought it in trying to re-use it (activate it) a message would come up in their system and they would notify me.

I was ultimately reunited with my phone...I put an ad on Craig's List and someone answered it. I also put flyers in the area where I lost it. There are good souls out there, so I'd say give it some time before rushing out to buy a new one.

I was unaware of the existence of Plan B at the time...that sounds like a great option to try.
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if you bought it with a credit card, it's possible there's some kind of protection (replacement, reimbursement)
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