sensate focus resources/ORGAZMS ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!
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Are there any books with a reasonably useful description Master's and Johnson's sensate focus method?

Most of the online discussions are sketchy and seem SEO-oriented. We're not dealing with a specific dysfunction per se other than being in our forties, having four kids, and needing to slow down and communicate more. The few books I've come across seem all "ORGAZMS ALL NIGHT LONG" and I'm looking for something a little more credible and pragmatic.

Or if there's something similar to sensate focus that I should be checking out, that would be useful too.

Am I overthinking this?
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No, you are not overthinking this. The sinclair institute is dedicated to helping people have better sex. I am not affiliated with them at all. They are the permission giving, more user friendly, side of adam and eve. They used to even have a phd sexologist on staff (I'm not sure he is there any longer though).
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I've found a different book by this author to be really helpful and not at all skanky--this one seems to be tailor-made for what you're looking for.
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