What exactly are amperes anyway?
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If I use a 19.5 volt 4.7 ampere adaptor with a device that calls for a 19.5 volt 3 ampere adaptor, will it cause any problems?
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Amps are a measure of electric current. My understanding is that you get into problems when the adapter cannot put through enough current for the device; an adaptor that can put through more current than you need is not a problem, because the device will simply not draw that much current.
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4.7A is the maximum output. Your device will only draw 3A. All other possible problems (check the polarity, etc) aside, this is fine in theory.
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your laptop will be fine but (as on preview already suggested) ensure polarity is correct (usually depicted with 2 concentric circles with a '+' attached to one of them.... likely the middle one)
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Not a problem. 4.7A is the limit of what it can put out, which means it is capable of supplying the required 3A. It's like having a car that can do 200mph - it won't have a problem driving 60mph on the highway.

As others have said, the polarity (arrangement of the positive and negative terminals) must match what is required as that would be a big problem if it were reversed.
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To clarify, both adaptors are for Sony laptops
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Generally speaking, the voltage has to be the same and the current rating of the supply has to equal or exceed the current rating of the load.
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horsepower is probably a better analogy than mph, but yeah you'll be fine.
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russm: "horsepower is probably a better analogy than mph, but yeah you'll be fine"

Horsepower is a terrible analogy notwithstanding the confusion with electrical power. Think of it as a pipe supplying a tap - if you need a certain flowrate, as long as the pipe is wide enough (the supply is rated to at least the necessary current), it can provide the required flowrate.
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