Help me buy Hellboy & BPRD comics
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Hellboy and BPRD: Help me buy their collected stories in order?

I torrented some CBR files of both comics and I really enjoyed them and now I’m hooked. I’d like to buy the stories but I’m not sure how to get started and I’m pretty awful at navigating the world of comic collections (The Walking Dead was especially difficult for me, what with issues, volumes, books and compendiums, but that’s an AskMe for another day).

It’s also difficult for me because both Hellboy and BPRD will release issues with plots that seem more tangential and less related to the underlying "main" plots of both series, so right now my understanding of Hellboy and BPRD canon is rather scattershot, hodgepodge, and out of order, which has confused me a bit more.

The torrented CBR files were organized by stories and contained scans of each issue (e.g., “BPRD: The Garden of Souls,” “issue 1 of 6,” “issue 2 of 6,” etc). I’m assuming that these stories have since been collected into a single printed book, and that’s what I’m looking for.

If possible, I’d like to own larger, more complete collections of multiple stories, but I’d like to avoid buying multiple collections which contain stories other collections already have.

I’m also not sure if Hellboy and BPRD are still being updated, or if they’re completed, or what, so any help/info on that aspect would be appreciated.

(Any recommendations on where to spend my money are also welcome. I’ve got two Barnes & Noble gift cards I’m looking to spend, but if there’s a really wonderful comics site somewhere deserving of increased patronage, it’d be good to know of it.)
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What you want are the "trade paperbacks", these are graphic novels that collect, e.g. Garden of Souls issues 1-6 into a paperback book, plus maybe a couple of shorter stories. The trades for Hellboy are listed here.
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And here are the BPRD trades.
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Things From Another World is pretty awesome for comics, I hear.
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I don't think Hellboy or BPRD relies too much on continuing themes or details, so don't stress out about finding and reading all pieces in order.

As for stores, while I'd usually suggest you look online for discount used copies, Mignola titles hold their worth and rarely sell too much below MSRP (especially when you tack on shipping). With that, I'd say look for local shops. No shipping, and instant gratification! Hellboy sells well, so it also is often in stock.

On preview: looking at TFAW, they have their Nick+Dent copies on 50% discounts, and they're generally not all that nicked or dented. If you're not a perfectionist, that may be the way to go, on the cheap.

And on searching through TFAW, Abe Sapien has his a few solo comics.

Anndddd..... here's a wiki list of Hellboy "universe" colelctions (everything Hellboy/BRPD/etc), all chronological and in one place. Scroll down, and there's also chronological list of uncollected comic books, if you've gotta have 'em all.
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Hellboy definitely does have a long-term story arc running through it. There are certainly detours and one-offs, but I think it's worth starting at the beginning and going through in chronological order. (For example, there's a great payoff / twist in The Wild Hunt that wouldn't have been nearly as rewarding for me if I hadn't been riding the train through all of the right stations, so to speak.
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Ah, I stand corrected. Thanks! (Now back to read the series again!)
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Awesome, thanks for all the info folks!

But one question remains: are either series still being updated?
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yes indeed, Hellboy certainly does have a long-running thread of things that are introduced that come back later, but most of the time, Mignola mentions a callback to something that happened before if you missed it by either 1. stating the storyline/graphic novel it was from with an * and a note, or by having Hellboy & co say "this is like that time that guy almost ate your head with a trident and salad tongs".
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Answered my own question: they are still being updated yesss.

My preference for trade paperbacks over individual issues now has a terrible downside: delayed gratification. Gah.
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Most modern big-brand (Dark Horse, Marvel, DC/Vertigo) comics these days are stretched out so that you're not going to get a whole lot of gratification from individual four dollar issues. They appear to be designed for trade paperbacks (or hardcovers, as the pocket-gougers at DC seem fond of doing), so you're actually better off waiting. I don't read Hellboy or BPRD but from what I've seen on the shelves there's a lot of it, and they are ongoing series, so by the time you blow through what's available now there's likely going to be a couple more volumes available.
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I'm so glad to see this thread! I have the first four Hellboy TPB books and was wondering what to do about it...
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