Where can I buy sport coat or blazer buttons in Los Angeles?
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I’m looking to replace the buttons on a sport coat – probably some sort of horn or even enamel button for the closure and sleeves. Where in Los Angeles can I buy sport coat buttons?

I am already aware of the Button Store on 3rd Street. However, I live just west of downtown, so something in a Central LA neighborhood like Hollywood, Silver Lake, or Los Feliz would be better for me. I also go to Northeast LA a lot, so a trip to Glendale, Pasadena, or another San Gabriel Valley location wouldn’t kill me.

And of course, if there’s something outside the area I’ve specified which is a cut above everything else, do let me know. Also, if you can give an endorsement to the Button Store, let me know.

Way down the priority list, if you can point me to a good website that sells them, I always like to know about good websites that sell things.

(Also, I'm not the most sartorially savvy, so if you've got a favored non-metal button for a navy blazer, I'm open to ideas.)

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Ebay has scads of buttons if you don't mind waiting for things to get shipped to you.
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You could always haunt the thrift stores to steal buttons from a jacket there. I've bought some slightly trashed jackets before just for their leather buttons.
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You should be able to get buttons at just about any fabric store. Bring the blazer with you so you can get the right size and make sure they're a good color.

I haven't lived in LA for a long time, so I can't give you a personal recommendation, but Yelp has a lot of fabric stores listed.
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