Is there any way to around costly repairs?
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Options for a failed PA state inspection?

I went to a new mechanic for my PA state inspection today, and he failed it because the frame was slightly bent - the result of someone hitting my parked car over the summer.

I know if I take this to a body shop it'll cost a fortune. So if you could help me with my options here I'd appreciate it.

The way I see it I can:
1. Take it to another, less careful mechanic, maybe Pep Boys, pay the 28$ to inspect it and see if it passes. I passed emissions and that sticker is in my car, so it'll probably be a red flag if I don't already have my state inspection, correct?

2. Try to get part of the repair covered by my insurance. I don't have collision coverage at the moment, and the accident occurred over the summer, so this is probably not possible?

3. Find a cheap body shop.

4. Drive without inspection.

Anything I'm missing here? Money is tight as-is right now and I'm trying to avoid any major expenses.
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1. Worth a shot. If your mechanic does body work he could be looking for some work to do. Maybe take it to a place that doesn't do body work? It could be less a question of being careful than a question of not having a conflict of interest. There's a certain amount of discretion in deciding whether or not to flag something like that.

2. Not going to happen.

3. That could certainly make the problem go away. Got a quote yet? Depending on how bad it is, this could cost anywhere from $150 to $1500 or more.

4. Inadvisable. PA cops will pull you over for not having your inspection sticker, and if they do they may not let you drive home afterward.
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I'd give the Pep Boys option a try.
I'm assuming your car is visibly crunched from the accident. Unfortunately, this will probably cause the inspector to focus on looking for deeper a bent structure. Still, it's worth a shot.
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If anyone's still lurking....

Went to Pep Boy's today for a 2nd inspection. They mentioned nothing about the frame, but said the rear struts needed to be replaced in order to pass, and quoted me (a ridiculous) ~$700. Going to try for a third mechanic...
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