Travel cancellation insurance for family, but group is divided into two separate flights?
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If my family is travelling a week before I do, but the baby gets sick and can't fly, is there insurance that can cover my flight in addition to theirs?

My wife, pre-k child, and baby will be travelling to Europe from the U.S. I'll be arriving a week later, but we'll all be returning on the same flight. I'd like to tie all of our trips together with insurance, but don't know if it's possible.

Bonus question: How do I find a reputable travel insurance company? My Google-fu is weak in this area.
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Yes, the type of insurance you want is "any time, any reason." My boss was just telling me about the company she uses today. (I'll be planning a big trip very soon, and I will want the "any time, any reason" insurance, for peace of mind.)

I'll post back as soon as she texts me back with the name of the company.
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Thanks, bilabial!
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The company she uses is called Travel Safe (might be one word?)
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