Dude where's my Dell... (I'm sorry about this lame title)
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Recommendations on a professional but GQ-esque laptop bag for a Dell Latitude E6510.

I'm traveling (flying) a good bit and need a laptop bag that holds a Dell Latitude E6510, a Moleskine, and a Kindle and is painless at airport security.

I need a good, trustworthy, new bag... however, I work with nonprofits (also, I'm not flashy myself) so I need to ensure that it's not overly flashy.

No budget.
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Timbuk2 Commute, in black. A number of places carry them. (Mine is from R.E.I.) It'll handle a MacBook Pro (snugly), is well padded; has good interior space; a snug space in the back for folders, articles, and such; and has extra pockets for power bricks, and small cameras. In black, it looks professional. It'll fit sideways under most airline seats.
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Jack Spade's briefcases. The styling is all very GQ-minimalist but with a utilitarian design theme. Not cheap but I think it's worth the money with excellent construction and a lifetime repair service. I've had the waxwear computer case for over 5 years and the nice things with these is that age in a very deliberate way as well.

The computer file cases (which I have) specifically zip open on all three sides so it's easy to just open up the whole thing for security screenings.
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