Tired of Pitchfork.
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What are some music blogs that post relatively obscure *full* albums (old and new)? Indie, soul, electronica, rock, disco - any and all genres welcome. No reviews please. I just want blogs that say "Hey, this album is awesome and/or weird. Here is a little bit about it. Now here is a link where you can download it." Thanks!
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I wrote an FPP a while back about CLLCT, a website for indie bands and bedroom recorders to share music for free. The site died a while back (servers deleted), and has since been born again so I'm not sure that any of the band links in my FPP still work, but you can find plenty of good stuff there to download, and all free and legal too.

Also, check out the Free Music Archive.
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Also, Computer Magic.
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Cosmic Hearse. The author is on tour with one of his bands at the moment, but there is a wealth of great stuff in the archives. The majority of it is metal, but he's been doing some jazz lately, and there's a lot of punk, some hip hop, and some other odd stuff scattered throughout.
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Rock and Pop Bootlegs
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We Fucking Love Music. Second only to metafilter in expanding my musical library.
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The Hype Machine is a massive collection of these blogs, and while the main focus will be on the artists and genres you're actively trying to avoid, I have to think that a few well-typed searches and some strategic link-clicking will lead you to precisely the sort of blogs you're after.
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Awesome tapes from Africa
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largeheartedboy is a music and literature blog that posts daily free and legal mp3s and though the focus isn't on whole-album downloads the site often points to other sites where those downloads are available.
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Go here. Better yet, go here, then once you're done with that page (at either link) scroll down until you see "music blogs, etc.". Click links. Repeat sidebar scroll method on the sites on the other end of links, or use your browser's back button to start again. Enjoy.
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Oh also, I think I saw this on MeFiProjects a while back. It's pretty great: Ask Sleeves - MP3 Search Engine
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weidomusic.com has a collection of links to sharity blogs.

"Wierdo, Lo-Fi & Fringe Music": Decrepit Tapes

Brazilian blog of Jamacian music: You & Me on a Jamboree!

If you like Brazilian music (and who doesn't?):
Brazilian Nuggets
Uma Música Por Dia
Flabbergasted Vibes
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Really wonderful, very eclectic: What's in my iPod?
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If you don't know about Daytrotter, you should.

Ditto Stereogum.


While this blog admittedly lacks complete albums, it has an excellent variety of underground/DIY bands and the option to stream or download.
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Free Albums Galore is my favorite source for free and legal album downloads from a variety of genres.
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More Brazilian music:
Forró em Vinil
Um Que Tenha
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mp3blogs i check regularly with some omissions, a few of these post reviews along with the albums but it isn't necessary to read them to glean general information about the music:

GLOWING RAW - general experimental music, posts with relatively verbose reviews but i usually just check the categorized 'styles' and see if they add a note at the end

Japshare - this guy only posts like semi-annually nowadays but he posts some really great obscure japanese stuff of all varieties that you're unlikely to find anywhere else

idmtrade - probably the best idm blog around

Bleak Bliss - heavy/dark stuff, mostly extreme metal/noise

This Track Is Wet - mostly chilled out dope electronic stuff

A SOFTLY SLEEPING ROSE - mostly japanese, lots of very strange stuff

HABIT OF SEX - japanese indie from 1980-95

STALKING DUPPI - japanese 80's underground

UAXUCTUM - obscure electronic/experimental stuff, lots of tape rips

and my own mp3blog, ponpoko yama, which is some combination of the above. i think it generally fits the bill as far as what you're looking for because i also don't like reading large reviews and try to keep the descriptions brief and general.
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If you are into mellow acoustic music, slowcoustic.com is great.
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Shadow Divers (recommended by Leo Laporte) is still my favorite audiobook of all time.

I also love the sound of David McCullough, so 1776 is another fav.
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I've taken this list from my Google Reader subs, which may contain repeats from above, for which please accept my apologies. I can only suggest you try these out and see what, if anything, appeals.

And Your Bird Can Swing

Dr. Schluss' Garage Of Psychedelic Obscurities


Free Albums Galore

Free Music Archive Blog


Know Your Conjurer

Life on Mars

netwaves - sharing music

Phlow: Free Creative Commons MP3 Music


shoot the hostage

the nomadic subject

United Mutations

We Fucking Love Music

Can I also put in a word for the good folks at the Internet Archive as well, where you'll find acres of music old and new?
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Your Favorite Music Blog Sucks
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