Can I wear these glasses with a slightly too-big PD?
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I want to order prescription sunglasses online. Looking at Zenni Optical right now. The frames I like seem to have a minimum PD of 64. Mine is 62. How much difference does a couple digits make? Can I order 64s and have them be usable for driving? Or do I need to pick different frames?

If it were any further off, I wouldn't even consider it, but I like these frames the best of anything they've got, so I thought I'd see if anybody knew.
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Best answer: I have a tiny face and I almost always have to up the PD from my real one in order to be able to get the frames. I've not had a problem as long as it's not too far off. Actually, I have some sunglasses i that required a PD of 10 mm more than my actual one and they're fine.
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My attitude towards zenni glasses is that even if they don't fit, you're not out *that* much money (though I tend to stick to the $10 and under frames).
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Response by poster: Personal experience for the win, although thank you, Lucinda, too. I'm not thinking it's a huge deal if it doesn't work, but when you tack anti-glare and tint onto a $12 frame, it becomes, if not a huge amount of money, enough for me to at least want to check and make sure there's a fair chance of it all going okay first. Thanks!
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I disagree with elpea about the PD being way off but quality of vision not being affected. I got a pair that were that bad from Goggles4U and it felt like I was looking out a fishbowl at the world all the time. It made my eyes work too hard and gave me headaches. For all I know that was not the only thing wrong with the Rx, but an optician confirmed for me that the PD was awful and causing me eye strain, so I returned them. YMMV, and my prescription is high in both eyes, so there's that.
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Wrong PD -> Headaches! I had to send one pair back to one of the online optical stores (don't remember which one...) because of a PD that was just one number off (I think I measured 65.5 and went for 65, but I really need 66, or something like that). It felt like I had a constant strain on my eyes. YMMV.

That said, I now ordered the right PD and am extremely happy with what I got (have Zenni sunglasses and 39dollarglasses standard glasses). I saved about 500 bucks as compared to what I usually get (brand name glasses).
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You can search Zenni by PD. When I put in 62 it gave me 2500+ frame options. Can't you find another pair that you like almost as much instead of risking headaches or eye strain?
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Response by poster: I did originally search with my PD, thanks. If you select the 'large' end of the scale, only about 50 of those 2500+ are in the right size range, and the lens shapes of those weren't quite what I wanted. I'm still not positive it'll work out, but given that I'm usually not wearing them long periods of time anyway, hopefully it'll go okay. Will watch out for headaches and stuff, though, so it's good to know what to be looking for.
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I just got a pair from Zenni that are 64mm PD minimum and mine is 58. They're fine. I can see a wee tiny bit of distortion if I look out the corner of my eye right at the edge of the lens, but it's only something I notice when looking for it, and I haven't experienced any strain or headaches at all. I say go for it.
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Response by poster: I almost forgot about this, but for anybody who finds it later: I might worry about going further than this, but the 62-64 difference is not bad at all. I can kind of notice but driving in them is fine and they haven't inspired any headaches or anything so far. I'm very pleased with the purchase.
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