Recommend some modern-day Jan Hammer, etc.
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I've recently started liking Jan Hammer's Miami Vice music, Genesis, stuff like that. Anybody doing that style today? Sans retro-irony?

A few other details, maybe you can help match up with modern musicians
Life During Wartime (like the keyboard solo best)
Squonk (keys again, love 'em...but I love most everything there)
Jan Hammer Group -- Don't You Know (growling synth + funky groove)

Thanks! Again, not into irony, want it as serious as if I were standing here with my blazer sleeves rolled up and Ray-Bans on.

Guessing this falls under the "progressive" umbrella but I'd prefer some specific recommendations.
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Best answer: Check out Destroyer, particularly their latest album, Kaputt.
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Response by poster: どうも有難う mr_roboto!!
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I think the next logical step for a more modern Genesis would be either Spock's Beard or the Flower Kings. The latest Spock's Beard record is a little more retro prog than their others, but they are still fairly modern sounding with a rock core to their sound. Flower Kings started out very retro prog sounding, and got a little more modern over time, but their last album is pretty full on symphonic retro prog with tons of keyboards.
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Glass Candy
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CFCF - Invitation to Love (uses an Alan Parson's project sample)
Washed Out - Feel it All Around

This sound is kind of going through a renaissance at the moment. Check Pitchfork.
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On the contemporary tip, Yoshinori Sunahara has the raybans thang going on. Even has an EP called Pan-Am.
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Sferro - New Output (soundcloud link)
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The Italians Do It Better record label has you covered (see Glass Candy above) and includes these artists:




In fact just track down the Italians Do It Better - After Dark compilation - it has songs by all of these artists...
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Spock's Beard's main guy did a complete cover of Genesis's "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" double LP with a bunch of Nashville session players and sidemen. (Look for it under "Rewiring Genesis.")

Might not be your taste insofar as the legendary Tony Banks keyboard parts (synths, organs) were rearranged for brass and woodwinds, and "prog through a jazz / pop/ showtunes lens" is an overall theme. Heck, the way that sounds it wouldn't be to anybody's tastes, but, trust me, if really does work.
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Zombie Zombie

Also, it's from the 90s, but Doubting Thomas are pretty excellent.
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I'd recommend tryinbg Stuart Maconie's 'Freak Zone' programme on BBC Iplayer.

Working For A Nuclear Free City get a bit proggy now and then.
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