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Two questions about sites for individual books: What are some great examples of book sites (i.e. sites that promote and have info on a specific book that has been published recently)? And: What do you look for in such a site (i.e. excerpts? message board?)
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Depends on if I liked the book or not. :) Assuming I did, though, I'd mainly be looking for more information on the author like an extensive bio, other books/articles published, and most importantly: a blog. I love reading a blog from an author I love.
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I love the Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell site. It's got discussion and reviews, and unique content like the characters' opinions of the author. I could do without the "Who will play who in the movie?" blather, but that can't be helped. I appreciate a relatively simple navigation without too many flashy junky bits and pieces.
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Specifically, the best author website I've visited (and continue to do so) is who wrote Vagabonding.
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I guess I could shill my own site, but I won't.

With non-fiction, I always look for a way to further explore themes, ideas or suggestions in the book. Articles, questionnaires, other products, are always useful.
A message board is sometimes helpful, sometimes just an area for crickets to chirp and tumbleweeds to tumble through.

With fiction, I truly don't care about anything except the world contained between the pages. Anything else, to me, is extemporaneous and not useful.
Of course, I'm 44, and the millions of kids who love Harry Potter may disagree with me.
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I like to peruse The Borzoi Reader occasionally. Promotes books from Alfred A. Knopf, a Random House imprint known for quality literature both fiction and non. Has author interviews, excerpts, etc.
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Baen has a good site.

Its got everything you would want from a book publishers site.

many sample chapters for each book, the upcomming books by month, discussion boards where the authors participate (Eric Flint is really good for this, he even got some of the fanfic published). And they have the entire contents of some of the older books up in multiple formats completly free.
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