Bad and good experiences with Collabtive
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Your experience with Collabtive: I want to know. Should I put up with it for a month and a half, or go with the Bugzilla I already have?

I'm working in a distributed team on an open source software project. (Specifically, I'm helping the GNOME marketing team get the word out about the April 6 release of GNOME 3.) It's getting unwieldy to keep our roadmap and TODO list in a wiki table. So it's time to switch to task-tracking software, a.k.a project management software.

We already have an installation of Collabtive lying around. I've begun poking around it, and my current assessment agrees with darth_tedious's. Pretty in certain ways, but buggy. And it's unintuitive -- for example, the only way to create a task is to click on a date in the calendar, and I can't create that task until I've created a tasklist to assign it to.

(The developers prefer that users report bugs in the forum, so the developers can decide whether the bugs deserve to go into the real Collabtive development bug tracker. That seems odd to me.)

So I'm pretty dubious about Collabtive. But that's what we have installed, and I don't want to bug our mostly-volunteer sysadmins and make them install something else when we have so little time (even though Redmine looks tasty). So it's either Collabtive or our existing, well-used Bugzilla instance for tasktracking, but Bugzilla doesn't have the kind of project management affordances I want; for example, if we use Bugzilla, then I'll have to futz about with reports to get a calendar-y roadmap.

Your Collabtive experience? Help me decide whether to put up with Collabtive for a month and a half. (Right now I'm leaning towards Bugzilla.)
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It's pretty terrible. I'm using it at work for a feature branch, and I find the UI unintuitive and generally poor. The design also makes it hard to read. Even our awful 10 year old internal tool is better.
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Response by poster: Thanks, wo. Yeah, I'm not going to put myself & my colleagues through the obstacle that is Collabtive.
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