My bag won't close
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How do I fix the snap on this shoulder bag?

My boyfriend got me a desperately-needed new shoulder bag as a gift, but didn't notice that it was missing part of the snap that holds it closed. It's a magnetic snap, and looks like this (as you can see, the part that should go through the leather strap isn't there).

I'd like to fix it if I can, but know nothing about this sort of thing. The part that's still there is 3/4" in diameter, which looks like a standard size, and it seems like such things are available for order (like this one). My questions, then: are these sufficiently standard that I can expect the half of one that I order will fit the half of the one that's left? Also, it looks from instructions that I've seen online about how to install these like the prongs that come out the back are usually hidden between layers of fabric, but these will be going through a single-layer leather strap. What do I do about the back? Are there snap-backing-things that go with these magnetic fasteners (especially ones that look like the other snaps visible in the picture), and if so, what are they called and how are they attached?
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You need a kind like this with a cap that goes on the outside of the fabric layer.
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I was at Jo-Ann's the other day and they had a whole wall of these. (I played with them for a while--magnets are fun!--while waiting for someone to finish up with another customer.) It might be a good idea to take the bag into a store and physically try the different sizes to make sure the one you want fits properly before you buy.
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any fabric/craft store should have them. super easy - maybe $5.
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I was trying to avoid going to the craft store, since there appear not to be any at all in downtown DC and it would be a bit of a trek to get to the nearest one, but if you can actually handle them outside the package, maybe it's worth the effort. drlith, those look good, though it seems like the actual closure is a different shape with that one than mine. Still, good to know that kind of thing exists.
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Try taking it to a cobbler. They fix handbags all the time, and it looks like there are plenty in the DC area.
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Fabric store might have them. There's one in Georgetown.
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i'm not sure if this is any better - but you could consider goodwill or something (that might be closer to you). a couple bucks might get you a purse with a similar magnet - take it out and put it in yours.
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