Drums in NYC apartment
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Drummers: I need recommendations for an electronic drum set that is ideal for an apartment in NYC. My apartment is not big, so the set should be either a) compact or b) easy to set up and take down whenever I play. Also, bonus points for recommendations for small amplifier that I can use when I don't want to play with headphones.
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Roland V-Drums are the way to go. They play great, and they sound fantastic. Be warned, though: they are also tremendously expensive.

I got a TD-20 set 6 years ago when I lived in a 1 bedroom in Manhattan, and I've been loving them ever since. But at $6K, they cost more than the money I've put into my "real" drum set. And, since it's a 6 piece set, it's also not the most compact.

Roland does make other, smaller & cheaper V-Drum sets though. Check them out, you won't be sorry.
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Seconding V-Drums; the less expensive ones are still pretty good, especially now that they include a mesh snare pad.

Assuming you live above somebody, be aware that even with electronic drums, you're still going to be stomping and pounding on stuff and will likely still cause some disturbance through the floor.
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Seconding treblemaker's caution. When I first tried this, I couldn't play the kick drum at all because the person living below me was hearing very loud stomping on her ceiling.
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V-Drums is the way to go. and you can get a nice 5 peice TD-3 for about $700.
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V-Drums are definitely on my wish list. Check out the forums at vdrums.com for lots of helpful advice. I recall there was a lot of talk about trying to minimize the stomping problem that treblemaker and naju are referring to--even going so far as to create a platform on top of tennis balls? Not sure, but probably worth a look.
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