What did I see in Philadelphia?
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I was in Philadelphia last week and saw an odd looking "truck" parked near the on/off ramps of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. It was a dull yellow, very boxy with large flat windshields front and back. You can almost make it out in this Google Satellite map: Map It's NOT the Ducks, I saw and ID those without problem. This looked like a highway or railroad service truck. What was it? Thanks!
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Best answer: Was it that cool machine that picks up and moves the jersey barriers on the bridge? It makes it so that the number of lanes can be changed to adjust for rush hour traffic in and out of the city. Although I've only seen that thing on the bridge itself, never parked by the ramps, so I'm not so confident in that guess.
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Response by poster: Yes! That's it! Here's a video of it in action. Thanks!!
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darn- you beat me to it. I drive over the bridge almost every day (I live in Phila and go to school in Camden) and I've seen it in action a couple times- pretty cool!
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