Small edible gifts from FL?
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What small treats can I get in Palm Beach, FL to bring back as gifts?

I'm on foot around City Place and my flight doesn't leave until early evening. I have very little room in my bag but would like to bring back something small, tasty, and representative of the area. I'm going back to the New England coast, so salt water taffy isn't especially interesting. Any ideas?
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Tropical fruit? Conch?
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I spent a LOT of time in Palm Beach and the surrounding areas and I can't think of much other than citrus and Cuban food. City Place is West if Dixie Highway, right? I have no idea if any of the good Cuban places are still there since the massive gentrification of downtown in the late 90s, but you might get lucky. Sorry I can't help with specifics, but look for a Cuban place and get a medianoche. or some fried plantains.
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Hoffman's Chocolates are worth a cab ride.
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None of our family trips to Florida were complete without bringing back a jar of Coconut Toast Spread, which was particularly awesome on cold mornings in the Midwest.
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Man, I think you're a month late for the season, but in case anybody else searches for this in the future from Jan-Feb:

The Delicious Delicious Extremely Fragile Honeybell Tangelo
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Florida Snowman
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... damn... totally missed out on the edible part. never mind.
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I always bring these coconut patties back from Florida. They sell them in the airport gift shops.
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Response by poster: Allikat, I LOL'd. Thanks, all. I actually walked around town all day, just to take in the weather, and didn't run into anything from the list. I wandered over to where a Hoffman's used to be apparently, so Google Maps needs an update. I managed a few trinkets (no edibles) from a flea market in town. Maybe I'll grab a box of the patties if I can will my legs to work again before the flight. I appreciate the ideas.

And that spread looks great, schnitz.
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If you can make it, Honeybell probably has everything you are looking for. LOTS of treats, that's for certain.
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