What is this thing that came out of me?
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Doctor now, or just icky? Vagina-related really truly TMI inside.

After PIV sex last night, I noticed a ... thing on my leg. Upon closer inspection, it was a small blob about the size of a kidney bean that was like nothing so much as coagulated snot or mucus. It was kind of ... polished, though, for lack of a better word, stiff and rounded. There was a just-visible pinky-red smear, like there was some bloody bit inside.

Okay, so AUGH! That aside, is this something I should be very worried about? Or is it something that can be explained simply?

Possibly-relevant details:

- I was diagnosed with mild-moderate cervical dysplasia as a result of HPV last year; it was a classic "wait and see, it will probably clear up on its own" case. My next yearly exam is in a few months.
- I wear an IUD, and my periods have pretty much dried up to a bit of spotting once in a while. I think I am at the beginning of a spotting cycle.
- My partner went pretty deep; I could feel pressure against my cervix a few times.
- We last had sex a few days ago. We don't use condoms. Could it be...come that just hung around, or something?
- We are monogamous, long-term partners. I've never seen anything like this.

WTF, AskMe? Have you ever seen something like this before after sex? Am I freaking myself out over nothing?
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It sounds like a little chunk of menstrual tissue that didn't get expelled during your last cycle. Maybe your partner jiggered it loose, and out it came.
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I'd call your gyn's nurse's line - but mainly just to reassure yourself. I'd be willing to bet a box of TastyKakes that the mystery blob was, 1. Residual semen (did you know that it can congeal? I did not know this for a looong time, but: IT CAN CONGEAL. AIIIIEEE!), 2. Mingled with a lil' bit of the blood which can sometimes be a normal result of very-very deep penetration.

I also have an IUD and ALSO have a touch o' the dysplasia (mine's been in that "we'll keep an eye on it" state for the better part of a decade) and have occasionally noticed similar mystery blobs.
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My money would be on some vaginal/cervical mucus, shot through with a bit of menstrual blood. Sex can indeed shake loose bits of mucus that would have snuck out without you noticing otherwise. I've noticed that with my Mirena, while I don't get "periods", I still do get a bit of blood in the, er, upper reaches, if those happen to come into play the right week.
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Cervical mucous is a) normal, b) often pink tinged or bloody c) regularly expelled from the body thanks to the suction of intercourse. And yes, it is exactly snot textured, although when discussed in polite company we tend to call it "fertile egg whites." (See Evaluating Cervical Fluid.)

So I wound personally assume it is normal cervical egg white combined with blood from your cervix being banged during sex. Sounds very routine to me, although yes - it is alarming to have snot (or any color) pour our of your hoohoo if you don't know what it is.
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