I think I want a new therapist. Can anyone recommend a DBT therapist in the Boston area?
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Does anyone know of a good therapist who uses DBT in the Boston area?

I've been working with a therapist for the past 2 years for depression/anxiety and disordered eating. For the past few months I have felt kind of stuck and I am considering seeing someone else. I can be somewhat rebellious in treatment, and given the depression, it is tough to work on the things that she suggests will help - exercise, not binge eating, socializing more often, challenging negative thoughts, etc.

In the past couple of months I started working with a different therapist (who my primary therapist recommended) in a DBT skills group. I like it a lot, and I like that therapist's approach. It feels a lot more compassionate, and she is teaching the group actual skills to combat the negative thinking, rather than just suggesting that negative self-talk isn't helpful.

I've been trying to search online for a therapist in the Boston area, female preferred, who uses a DBT/mindful approach. Does anyone have any experience with this? If you don't want to post the name of a therapist, please memail me. Thanks!
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Massachusetts is one of the big centers for DBT, actually, so you should have lots of options. There's this list that also notes which practitioners are "Btech trained" (which means they were trained by the original training program [Behavioral Tech] developed by the founder of DBT), so that's something actually really helpful about this list: http://www.middle-path.org/DBT/Programs_Therapists/massclinics.html

(But I don't have any personal experience with anyone from the list. Just thought I would offer that $0.02 about training.)
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