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Does anyone have any experience with DentPro for removing/fixing dents on a car? Why are their estimates so much cheaper than an autobody shops, and do they really do as good a job? Any additional info is welcome.
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I haven't used DentPro but used a similar service to fix dents. Works like magic on dents that is small enough and haven't broken the paint. They go in from the inside and push the dent out. The key here is that this works if the paint isn't broken and this is also why it's cheaper than an autobody shop who would repaint the whole panel where the dent is.
My fairly large dents was absolute invisible afterwards.
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I just got the first dent in my 15 month old Honda - and it kills me every time I walk up to my car. Anyone know of a similar service in/around Albuquerque?
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FlamingBore - Ask your dealership's service department. They can either do it or they know someone who can.
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Thanks SpecialK - I'll call them today.
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