What is this webcomic?
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Help me find this webcomic about an anthropology student and some mysterious ancient buildings and the culture that created them.

It was a comic mean to finish within a certain amount of time, like a mini-series rather than a TV show--I remember that when I was reading it (over a year ago but within the past few years) it was maybe halfway through its alloted run.

The colors of it were mostly blue and black and white, I think. The graphic on the home page made some kind of circle, which was related to the ruins. The main character was a male anthropology/archeology/sociology (grad?) student. It seemed like a pretty low key kind of science fiction or alternate history. I mean, there was this culture that doesn't exist in our world and they had some mysterious technology or prophecy that they would return or something like that, but the focus of the comic was a lot on a relatively realistic academic world with competing theories.

I think the main character was studying under one of the professors famous for a certain theory. And there was a subplot about a romance between him and another student. And definitely it seemed like the comic was going in the direction of revealing some secrets about the culture/buildings.

I keep thinking it was called "Relics" or something, but googling that is failing to help me find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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I'm reminded of Dresden Codak (http://dresdencodak.com/), but it's not remotely a perfect fit.
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Wapsi Square.
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Oops, you said male main character. My bad.
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Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this comic - but you might try looking at Comic Nation. It's got a decent directory of comics, so if no one here on MeFi can name it, you might try looking at the directory to see if the name jumps out at you. (I did search for relic and relics in the site, but none of the results seemed to match your description.)
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I found the answer to my own question! The comic is called The Relics and can be found here.
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