Horror movie right there on my TV
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Please help me identify a horror tele/movie. It's shot in black and white. I saw it late at night on TV a couple of years ago so details are vague but I think it goes something like this.

There are a boy and girl playing in a wood, picking flowers, playing hide and seek etc. They sit down by a boulder and kiss and this somehow breaks the spell (I think they are spotted doing this). The girl runs away (rushing up a steep cliff side path) and goes home. A man comes to the doorway of the cottage and the girl is sitting on the bed with her head down. She very slowly raises her head to look at the man and [shock] she is an old woman (witch looking). The final scenes show a mob dancing around in the dark with her head on a pole.
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Can't say I know exactly which movie that is. However, it sounds a little like "Touch of Satan" which was a MST3K feature. Even if it's not the movie you're looking for, you should check it out.
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