AOL Instant Messenger buddy statistics site?
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I found a site a while ago, where you would enter AOL/AIM screen names to monitor, and it will store data on when the name is online/away... now it's been long enough to get some nice data but I can't Google my way around to it.
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I remember seeing this somewhere too. In looking thru I thought I could find it but I couldn't. I'll be checking back myself...
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fucking creep.
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AwayToWeb by Adam Mathes? An extension of IMStalking.
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It's useful to tell when my internet connections go down and for how long, since I try to be on 24/7... thank you maya :)

However AwayToWeb is awesome in a different respect: "Awaytoweb is a simple perl script that monitors AOL Instant Messenger Away messages to produce simple web pages and RSS feeds."
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Personally, I enjoy stalking people. I never though to use it for anything practical ;).

p.s. trinarian- lighten up, okay? i'm being facetious.
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Um, does totally not work for anyone else? I can make a login and add names, but no data ever shows up....just grey bars of "unknown". :(
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IM Smarter. Highly recommended.
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