Online quiz that generates certificate?
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I need to build a website where part of the functionality is to provide a weekly or biweekly quiz, and if all of the answers are correct, a certificate is provided to download and print. Ideally, the quiz takers name would be on the certificate as well. And it would be super fabulous if it integrated well with joomla or wordpress, but at that point I'm probably asking for magic ponies dipped in dark chocolate, but figured I'd ask. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: It's a sparklier, more chocolate-y pony than you need, but Moodle is a learning management system with quizzes, a certificate module for v.1.9, and Joomla integration.
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Best answer: JoomlaLMS can do this.
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Response by poster: ooh! thanks - will check out both of those!
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just came in to say that I wish one of MY clients would just acknowledge that they're asking for magic ponies dipped in dark chocolate, just once...
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