Identify My Lamp!
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What kind of lamp is this?

My girlfriend is looking to sell a ceiling lamp she bought a number of years ago. Before she sells it though, she's trying to find any information about what it's called, or who would make it... and mainly what she should ask for it.

The lamps hang down in a spiraling pattern about 7 feet to the ground. It can be hardwired to the ceiling, or mounted to the ceiling and plugged in.

She paid about $275 for it a number of years ago.

I'm attaching a bunch of pictures.

Entire Lamp

Detail 1

Detail 2

Thanks Mefi!
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Response by poster: Oh, and there aren't any real markings of note on it that we can find.
posted by smitt at 2:53 PM on March 9, 2011

here are a few that look similar:



Three - glass instead of chrome

#2 seems closest to yours.
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It's similar to this one , if that helps to find better descriptions. But that's the high end of price sources.
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This site has pictures of 3 and 5 globe examples that look very similar.
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Here's another similar one, also from Germany.

In general, I usually see lamps like this described as chrome ball lamp/pendant/chandelier.
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