Does it come in a summerweight version?
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Where can I find a lightweight t-shirt, or its functional equivalent, with a zippered chest pocket to carry my iPhone when I'm running?

I have a nice quarter-zip fleece pullover, like this one though not this exact one. Note the lovely zippered pocket over the left breast that just fits my iPhone, which I carry for music and GPS tracking when I'm out walking, running, etc.

I used to carry the iPhone on my bicep with a velcro and rubber contraption that works just fine, but this winter, when I got the pullover, I discovered that I like the pocket a lot more. It doesn't bind, it makes stringing headphone wires simpler, and it doesn't feel like I've got a dorm fridge strapped to my arm.

However, it's soon going to be too warm for the fleece pullover, and when it goes, so goes the pocket. I could go back to the holder on my bicep, but I'm hoping someone can suggest something appropriate to warm weather, more like a t-shirt, that features that kind of side-zipped pocket. (I know there are plenty of pocketed tees out there, but I'm pretty sure my iPhone will quickly fly out of a regular, open at the top, t-shirt pocket.)
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Best answer: Something like this?

I would check more hiking-style brands, they seem to love the chest pocket more than running/fitness oriented ones.
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Lots of cycling jerseys have zip pockets in the back.

One brand I really like is sugoi.

This running shirt has zip pockets in the front.
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pocketed tee + safety pin?
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Runningwarehouse. Don't run in a cotton tee.
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Koyono iPod Cargo T-Shirts
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If you know a good seamstress you can add a zippered pocket to your favorite running t-shirts using this how-to guide.
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Best answer: Scottevest
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You want to look at something like this Patagonia sunshade fishing shirt. or better yet, this shirt. The fishing shirt is made of the same material as this trail running shirt, only with the pocket.
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