Accommodation in Oxford (England)--not for students
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Looking for cheap accommodation in Oxford (England). Special snowflake details inside.

Asking for a friend: She lives in Qatar, but is visiting Oxford to be with her daughter, who is in hospital. She is finding the accommodation a bit pricey at 100 or so GBP a day. Does anyone have any thoughts on places that are a bit less spendy and are close to the John Radcliffe Hospital? She is not a Moslem BTW. Quiet would be appreciated, I'm sure.
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I can recommend where NOT to stay. Do not go near the Nanford Guest House. By far it is the worst B&B I have ever set foot in.
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Best answer: A query at this site gives you a list of nearby B&B places. Looks like there's one result at £58 a night nearby, plus quite a lot of other choices about a mile and a half away.
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Have you looked at airbnb?
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. I'll pass these on to Teresa. Give it a bit longer in case anyone has any more suggestions, but good answers so far.
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I've stayed at the Bell House B&B, which is a mile and a half away from the hospital but was quiet and pleasant, and lists en suite singles from £40.
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Best answer: There isn't a huge amount of short-term/tourist accommodation near the JR. It's a few miles out of the city centre and not a particularly pretty area. Bus links to it from the city centre are good though. Assuming she can live with the bus ride (13, X13 or X23), I would get a room in student accommodation in the city centre from Oxford Rooms.
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Note that Easter vacation starts this weekend and runs until April 25. During the break student rooms will be much more widely available, cheaper, and quieter. Oxford Rooms is the standard clearing house through which to book them.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody. caek: I know the area round Headington reasonably well (my wife works there) but am not familiar with the local accommodation market beyond Oxford = expensive. but Oxford Rooms might definitely be the go.
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The YHA starts at under 17 pounds a night.
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These searches on Google maps bring up quite a few nearby B&Bs and guest houses, including this place for £60 per night which claims to be within 10 minutes walk of the hospital. Not as cheap as a student room, but even closer than the All Seasons in le morte de bea arthur's search.
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I'll second airbnb. Good luck to your friend!
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Is her daughter a student? If so, her college should be able to provide low-cost guest accommodation, and may even waive the fee if it's to visit her in hospital.
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Abodes of Oxford is basically a clearing house for B&B accomodation in people's houses. I used them for short-term accomodation when I first moved to Oxford, they were fine and the cheapest option I could find. A lot of their places are out in the villages but they might have some in Marston/Headington.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody!
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