Answers: Priceless.
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I recently saw a MasterCard commercial set in a gas station/convenicence store. In it, the cashier (in the trademark "Priceless" voice) rings up their items, etc. Is that really the guy behind the voice, or some clever dubbing? If so, good for that guy, leveraging voice talent into an on-screen role and all.

Ever have one of those things you just had to know, no matter how stupid it was? yeah.
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I would really like to know the answer to this, too, potch.
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and the answer is: Billy Crudup. I thought that voice sounded familiar in Big Fish!
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Yup, that's him. The commercial in question, if anyone's wondering.
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I was wondering the same thing, potch. thanks! and thanks raygun.
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I just love that the outfit that did the music for that spot is called "Musikvergnuegen."
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Wow, I never knew it was him doing those commercials. Thanks, AskMe!
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Well, I guess he didn't need any help "leveraging his voice" into on screen roles. Heh. Thanks though!
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For what it's worth, Crudup's voice is replaced for MasterCard voiceovers in New Zealand (and Australia, I'd wager).
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A golden god who left Mary Louise Parker for Claire Danes when Parker was 7 months pregnant. The realization that it's him behind the voice has just ruined MasterCard ads for me. Dammit!
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Heh. I'm with you, Dreama.
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But Clare Danes is hot. And not pregnant. Score!
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HA! And a third to Dreama - I had no idea that was Billy Crudup, now that commercial is ruined for me. I used to think it was funny, too.
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Thanks Dreama... any time I hear anyone praising Crudup that what I scream in a my head.

And? Sex with a pregnant woman is about the hottest sex there is, in my opinion.
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