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I keep getting calls that don't leave messages and I'd like to classify them via my google voice account. I would like a free reverse phone number lookup service. The ones I see always ask for $$ to identify and I don't trust they have the info. Any suggestions or recommendations of a cheap site if I must use that.
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i usually just type weird numbers directly into google. they either come up as a listing, or as a link to a site where other people who've gotten calls from the same number have posted who it is. this doesn't always work, but usually.
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let me know the number and i will check it via my premium subscription.
you can also try http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/free-reverse-phone-lookup
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Sometimes 411.com comes in handy.
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There's also a great service called SlyDial to call and see who it was that called you, provided they called from a mobile phone. You basically call them, give them the phone number, and they will connect you up to the end user's voicemail without ringing them. I always check that when I'm not sure since it usually works and is free.
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whitepages.com has a free reverse directory. The "free" part doesn't work for cell numbers, though. It reports my cell number as unlisted, and offers to text me the owner's name for $1.99.
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I use google on random numbers that call me, and usually it will tell me who it was.
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Folks, I have the same problem as Codemonkey, and the problem with just Googling numbers is that frequently the only hits ARE these "Reverse number lookup" sites he's talking about where you have to pay for results. (Sure, they say they've successfully traced it. But if you want to see what they've come up with, you need to pay.)

However (she said, turning to Codemonkey), sometimes what I also get are some hits from grass-roots telemarketing watchdog fora. Usually, if one of the Google hit is from a forum where a ton of other people are also saying "someone called me from this number and pitched thus-and-such," at least I know that it's a telemarketer; sometimes someone will have a lead on those. If all I get are the "click here to pay for a month account," I just assume it's a misdial.
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