My childhood-instilled fear of wasting food kicks in...
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I made too much sour cream and onion dip for a party and I don't want to waste it, but also I don't want to keep eating it with chips. More advanced cooks, is there any other way I can reuse (some of) it without somehow ruining the sour cream and making a disgusting gloppy mess? All I can think of is spreading it on toast, so other suggestions would be great. Ingredients listed inside. Thanks!

Here's what's in the dip:
6 onions, roasted in the oven
2 cups sour cream
2 1/4 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp celery seed
2 tbsp fake bacon bits
3 tbsp chopped fresh chives
Salt and pepper
It's a more onion-heavy version than you sometimes see, but still definitely sour cream-based.

All answers welcome, including "seriously, just throw it out already."
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Potatoes. Add to mashed potatoes, or scoop on top of a baked potato.
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Chicken wings! Mmmm.
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There are a lot of recipes for sour-cream cakes--you could try making a savory one and see what happens. Maybe reduce the sugar a bit.

Or make corn bread with most of it, served with remaining dip.
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I'm vegetarian, but can't you make it into a faux stroganoff?
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This is what I'd do/consider:

- use it where I normally use sour cream (potatoes, scrambled eggs, dip for veggies/pita, etc.)
-take it to work and leave it on the kitchen counter, with some chips or crackers. guaranteed it will be gone
- freeze it for later
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Make a huge batch of beef stroganoff. Srsly. It'd be good in beef stroganoff.
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Seconding the baked or jacket potato, add some bacon and cheese and you've got a tasty meal going there.
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spread it on a tortilla, put some lunch meat and cheese. roll it up.
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Use it in a tortilla wrap or on a panini.
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Twice baked potatoes! Use the onion dip for the moisture, then top with cheddar cheese and of course, bacon.
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Best answer: Sour cream mixed with marinara sauce makes really yummy creamy spaghetti. I'll bet your dip would be really good that way.
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Seconding beef stroganoff. It'd be ideal for that.
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This would be great as a sandwich spread, in lieu of mayo or whatever.

Also great as a sauce on top of something like eggs benedict. (Eggs benedict stroganoff?) Or fried dumplings, or pierogi...
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Beetroot soup? Other vege soups?

There are a bunch of french and russian soups that use sour cream - the moosewood cookbook by Mollie Katzen is a good source of such recipes.
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I love eating dip with veggies. carrots, red & green peppers, cucumber, mushrooms, celery.. yum.
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To make beefy stroganoff, brown some stew beef, then simmer in some water until tender, about 30 mins. Just enough water to keep it simmering. Add dollops of sourcream dip, stir well, serve over noodles. You could do a similar recipe w/ chicken, and add some curry. Or, poach fish in tomato sauce, add onion dip & curry.

Make squash soup or pureed squash, top with dip. Use in quiche, replacing most of the milk. Baked potatoes or twice-baked potatoes. Use in cornbread to replace the milk.

It would freeze adequately for future use in soups, but sour cream tends to separate after freezing, so not so good as dip after defrosting.
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You could put a couple tablespoons into the middle of a light french omelet, fold it over, have it with a salad and a glass of white (or light red) wine and have awesome.
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Put it in mashed potatoes!
Sure, that'll quadruple the volume. But warming leftover mashed potatoes in a skillet with butter makes great breakfast. And further leftovers could go into bread (a yeasted loaf bread).
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I'm finding a bunch of recipes for white pasta sauces that use sour cream, like this and this. I think it would go well in those too.
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Best answer: Add it to cooked spinach for creamed spinach, more or less, depending on how decadent you want to be.
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I would not mind seeing this as a chicken salad mixture. Or perhaps served with rice and veggies.
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On top of pirogies. Are you a vegetarian (I noted fake bacon bits.)? If so, add some vegetarian kielbasa.
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This recipe uses 1c sour cream + Bisquick + Sprite/seltzer to make the most deliciously light and soft buttermilk biscuits I've ever had. I've never tried it with flavorings in the sour cream, but I'd imagine they could only enhance the final product. Serve with chicken and gravy-- yum.
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Add a dollop to carrot soup or butternut squash soup.

Cut a potato almost like you are cutting discs for gratin but not all the way through, so it all stays together and then slather the sour cream mix inbetween each layer and all over the top.

Or just make potatoes gratin with it.

Healthier dipping options: red pepper slices, carrots, steamed broccoli

If you are veg, there is a good recipe for mushroom bourguignon which I have made several times and would be good with the sour cream on top.
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Stroganoff would be the ideal application for this. However if you're vegetarian you can make it with just mushrooms instead of beef. Just use a combination of regular white button mushroom and chopped portobello mushroom caps.
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I eat a lot of sour cream dip on raw onion and celery sticks. I also endorse the potato, stroganoff, and cream soup suggestions.
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You could make potato or pasta salad and use it as the dressing, maybe thinned with a bit of mayo. Or spread it on a pizza, top with mushrooms, cooked asparagus, spinach, red peppers and mozzarella. And the biscuit idea suggested above is a great one too.
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I immediately thought "casserole!" so looked up casseroles with sour cream in Allrecipes. A lot of these look like they would work well with onion dip instead of plain sour cream.

I like the stroganoff idea too.
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Chicken salad.
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Mix it in with mashed potatoes, as suggested above by Prince_of_Cups. Then after you've eaten lots of nice mashed potatoes for dinner, the next day(s) mix the leftover dip/mashed potatoes with some eggs and a bit of flour (until the mixture holds together but isn't stiff). I always add onion, but you've got that covered in the sour cream. Then: potato pancakes!! Heat some oil -- make sure it's hot -- glop the potatoes in, turn when brown ..... yum. This is a very forgiving recipe, even if the pancakes fall apart they're still wonderful, and can be eaten with virtually anything, and/or topped with anything. Steak, baked beans, with applesauce, with ketchup, with maple syrup, with salsa ..... I wouldn't even recoil from U Bet Chocolate Syrup.

Lucky you!
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Best answer: Use it to top chili. Chili is incredibly easy in the crockpot.
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Just to add that twice baked potatoes freeze very nicely-what a luxury to have a bunch on hand. Total comfort food.
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Nthing beef stroganoff! It will be soooooo yummy! I am also loving the twice baked potatoes ideas I see here!
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To make beefy stroganoff, brown some stew beef, then simmer in some water until tender, about 30 mins. Just enough water to keep it simmering. Add dollops of sourcream dip, stir well, serve over noodles.

An alternative, if you're feeling spendy: get hold of some really good steak and cut it into little strips. Flash fry these in a bit of butter, high heat, short time, add the dip, heat through. Serve over rice. Would work equally well with mushrooms if you're vegetarian.
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Drop a dollop of it on top of spicy or hearty soups - Chili, tortilla soup, borscht, all benefit from a glop of sour cream in 'em.

Or use it as a base for a creamy soup. Bisque? Creamy squash soup? Some kind of chowder?
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, this is great. Sorry the vegetarian issue was unclear - I'm not strictly vegetarian but try to eat meat infrequently. I'm marking as best answers the ones I will definitely be doing this week, but all of them were helpful!
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This would be fantastic as the base for a casserole. Chicken, fish, vegetable; the choice is yours.
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And indeed, I found a dip that needed to be used tonight after discovering that I had only two eggs left to make a frittata.

I'd already browned and partly fried thinly sliced chat potatoes and arranged them erotically* in a large dish and had got the onions, bacon, chicken and oregano frying away in there with a bit of butter.

I whipped the two eggs (which were puny to begin with), milk, grated cheese and the aforementioned dip into a submissive state** and then added green beans to soak. I placed the onion/bacon/chicken/oregano mix on top of the taters, spreading everything out to avoid gaps and then poured the egg/milk/cheese/dip mixture over the top, making sure to cover everything in the dish evenly.

I put it in a pre-heated 180c oven for 40 minutes.

It was yummy.

*Posh Nosh
** More of the same

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Could have done with more eggs, though.
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