Birthday scenes in movies
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What's your favorite birthday party on film? I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are some great ones...I'm looking for funny, dramatic, scary - anything, as long as it's great.
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It's not a 'party' but in Pelle the Conqueror, Papa (the great Max von Sydow) gives Pelle a 'poor man's gift' of a pocket knife wrapped in plain paper. It's sweet and sad.

I guess that describes almost the entire movie--the ending is brutal. I'm almost tearing up right now.
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Johnny's birthday party in The Room.

"You invited all of my friends. Good thinking!"
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Don't forget the mind blowing ending to The Game...
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What's the kid's film with the really mean clown who shows up? Is it "Parenthood"?
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The Hand That Rocks The Cradle has a pretty awesome birthday party scene.
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Old School, when Will Farrell gets a dart in his neck.
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District 9, when he turns into a creature at his own birthday party.
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Yes, that's Old School. Also, semi-funny scene in KnOcked Up.
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How about Rocky's Birthday party in The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Brief, but memorable...
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My teenage self thought the ending of 16 Candles when Sam and Jake are sitting on the table with the birthday cake was awesome.
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I was going to recommend Parenthood---its not a mean clown. Its supposed to be Cowboy Dan. But he doesn't come. Steve Martin turns a bath rug into chaps and fills in.
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Lumbergh's birthday in Office Space. Not necessarily a party or a celebration, but a birthday nonetheless.
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The Celebration
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Eating, by Harry Jaglom.
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There's Dustin Hoffman's birthday party in Tootsie, particularly where Bill Murray sits around drinking and quietly lecturing some unfortunate guests on a lot of nonsense.
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Christina's birthday party in Mommie Dearest.
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What's the kid's film with the really mean clown who shows up?

You might be thinking of Uncle Buck. The clown shows up drunk and gets nasty when Uncle Buck tells him to leave. But the best part about the birthday in that movie is the giant pancake.
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If television counts, there's a great birthday episode in Roseanne: Her daughter Darlene is turning 16, and Roseanne has been torturing her all week by wanting to throw her a traditional Sweet 16 party.

When the big day comes, Roseanne and Dan surprise her by sending her out for pizza with her friends while Roseanne stays home and has a nostalgic party with her own girlfriends (pink-frosted cake, tiara party hats, etc.) where they sit around reminiscing about their own 16th birthdays.

My favorite moment (because I can totally identify) is when Roseanne tells them that on her 16th birthday she got drunk and had sex with Dan. Then she adds, "If I'd known then how many years I had ahead of me to get drunk and have sex with Dan, I would've had the party instead."
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For creepy-as-hell and vintage visuals, I would say Cecilia's co-ed party in The Virgin Suicides.
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Different from what other folks have recommended, but... Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party. A master storyteller at work.

Once you fall in love with that movie, check out The Tobolowsky Files podcast.
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Thanks for all the great suggestions!
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