Cape Cod hotel/lodging recommendations?
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Cape Cod hotel/lodging recommendations?

Looking to possibly head to the cape in mid-May for a long weekend.

Stuff that would be lovely but negotiable:

1. water view or just beach proximity
2. hot tub
3. up to about $300 a night

Any good recs? Really, any hotel that you know and/or love would be uber-fab.
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Well, it has a goofy name and I've never been there, but a former roommate of mine and her then boyfriend would frequent Cuddles and Bubbles in Hyannis rather often. I think it meets most of your requirements.

My husband and I stayed at Fort Hill Bed and Breakfast in Eastham. No hot tub that I can remember, and it wasn't right on the beach, but there are some beautiful walks and it's less than a 10 minute drive to the Coast Guard Beach, which is absolutely amazing. The owners of Fort Hill are also incredibly nice and kind, and if we ever have money ever again, I'd love to go back.

Eastham is also further out on the Cape, so we were able to spend a day in Provincetown, and it's near the Truro Vineyards, which was a wonderful place to buy some local wine.
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Where on the Cape?

I have a soft spot for the Provincetown Inn, which is definitely not fancy (at least not in the cheap rooms), but has some great views. That's the only one I can vouch for personally.
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If I remember correctly, Cuddles and Bubbles is on the main drag through Hyannis and does not have a water view and is at least a mile from any beach...
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Last August, I rented a house in Hyannis for a week. We used either Cape Cod Craigslist or We Need a Vacation , can't remember which ultimately paid off.

We were 1/4 mile from a beach, 1/2 mile from downtown Hyannis and the place was in great condition. May shouldn't be as crowded as June, but there may not be as much selection since the owners aren't on vacation themselves. It worked out to around $250 a night for a 3 bedroom house.
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Anywhere on the Cape - we don't have a particular area in mind.

Thanks for the tips y'all.. much appreciated.

Any others? Keep em coming, even if you see this later. I'll be keeping an eye on the thread.
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