I can name this font in six characters...
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Please help me identify a font in this wedding invitation.

A friend of mine has fallen in love with this font and wants to use it in a project, but there is no font information about it available online. Any guesses?

The wedding invitation can be found here.

The font in question is the one used in APR and 2006. (There are more examples in a pdf downloadable by clicking on "View all items in this suite.") Thanks!
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You can see the results I got from a search on whatthefont.com here. I don't see an exact match but many are close.
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I'm looking around for it right now, but in the meantime there are tons of similar fonts. Google "egyptian type" or "slab-serif". Clarendon is usually a classic fall-back font for this sort of look, but it's not quite as angular as the example.
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That looks like it might be embossed directly from wood type, or photopolymer made from digitized wood type.

Take a look at MyFonts.com and check out extended slab serifs, Egyptians, etc ... there are plenty similar to choose from.
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(although with the curved counters, what you're actually looking for is a Tuscan, so you can search for that, too)
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why don't you just email elum and ask them?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I've spent a good amount of time searching for slab-serif and wood type and found a lot of those similar fonts, but they're not The Font. I thought I'd throw the question up here and see if the actual found was able to be found.

Tuscan fonts are partly defined by curved counters? I'd not heard of that.

Elum no longer makes this design, apparently, and haven't been forthcoming as of yet.
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I'm getting closer. (look at gunsmoke black)
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Response by poster: Wow, that IS really close!
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You could try taking this to the Typophile Font ID board, where I've had excellent luck with these sorts of enquiries in the past..
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Yeah I had to get back to work, seconding typophile ID board. It's pretty great.
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It looks like the sort of font veer.com would do, although I can't seem to find it there. Typophile is your best bet if you can't find it there...
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Alright, I'm back and I'm going to keep looking, but IDK if I'll be able to get any closer than gunsmoke black. Any luck with the typophile ID board?
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Just came across these fonts which have a similar feel.
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