Underage living in Boston
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16 yo college Senior found out last week she is doing second year of intern work at a lab in Childrens Hospital in Boston. Last year she had a place to stay, this year she doesn't. Need help with finding lists for appropriate living arrangements

Would be in Boston mid May to early Augest. She feels that living with other older girls or in a place of her own is no problem while her mother and I feel that a more supervised situation would be better. We also don't want to set up all the necessary 'stuff' to maintain her own apartment or enter into lease arragements.
Help could come in local lists or groups that could have names of senior people that have a room in exchange for rent and some companionship, or even structured housing aragements associated with one of the schools. We are checking Harvard and a couple local aquaitances but not having much luck so far. Her and her mother, at least, will be in Boston sometime during the next 2 weeks for a 'do or die' housing search so this is a current need. She goes to school in Virginia and we are from the midwest so multiple trips can't be done.
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You've let her go to school since she was 12, but you are hesitant about letting her stay with older girls? I mean, I understand the hesitation, I just don't understand letting her go so early.

You're going to have a lot of trouble finding something like this. One posibility is talk to a youth hostel, and see if you can work something out with them. They don't normally do this sort of thing, and it's going to set you back a chunk more than renting an apartment, but it's possible. Hostels tend to have a little more supervision than a lot of places, and are generally run by some pretty cool people (at least in my experience staying in them).

Does she have any friends from school in the Boston area? (I assume you've already worked on that one to no avail, though.)

Truthfully, and take this with an enormous grain of salt (since I'm 21), it's probably easiest to let her stay with a group of girls. I mean, yeah, they're probably going to be "having fun" over the summer (parties, etc.), but you obviously trust your daughter enough to let her go to college, where those things are available, so she's probably trustworthy enough to hack it even without dorm-style supervision.

Try posting on Craigslist, and interviewing, in person, anybody who responds. Explain what you want in the posting, and then don't be afraid to ask lots and lots of really personal questions when you get responses. You'll get skeeze balls, but ignore them.

Honestly, living in the city isn't much different from living at a school. Drugs, alcohol, parties, sex, it's all there. If you can trust her in Virgina, you can trust her there.

Also, in terms of apartment "stuff"... a bed, a desk, a lamp, a chair ($500 altogether). She can eat out, so she probably doesn't need kitchenware (the most expensive part of an apartment's kit); it's entirely possible to eat for way less than the meal plan she probably has at school (I eat here in Philly for about $5-7 a day). Likewise, she doesn't need to be on the lease... you sign, you pay, you explain to the landlord the situation, and life is good.
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I guess I should add that the college program she is in is one designed fro a group of girls of the same age going the college route instead of high school in a (for the first 2 years) supervised situation and then in a more traditional way at a girls college. While we trust her and all that we are more concerned about the underage legalities. We are doing the Craigslist etc. But as parents, well we're being parents.
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I would look into programs for foreign exchange students in the area, and see if they can come up with something for your daughter. Many of these services are designed for people over 18, but regardless of that, they are looking to place students in situations that i think you would approve of, i.e. stable households, preferably nuclear family sorts of situations, where there is dinner on the table most nights, conversation, etc. For foreign students, the goal is to give them a taste of America. For the host families, they get rent, a temporary roommate, and interesting conversations and cultural exchange.

I bet you could find something you'd be happy with. Oh, and I highly recommend the town of Brookline. It's easy distance to children's hospital, and is a somewhat more family-oriented than the Medical Area in Boston.
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Would something like this be what you are looking for?

When my college roommate interned in D.C., she lived in some kind of all-women's private dormitory. I think it was Catholic or Jewish-affiliated. Maybe there's something like that in Boston as well.
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Oh... and you may want to contact the College Club of Boston. They started out as a dormitory for girls coming to Boston for school, then became a scholarship society that rented rooms. They may still have connections, though. Who knows?
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I think AmberDale's got it. I'm sure there are other similar organizations. You could also call the Brookline High School.
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